Kelly Amstadt Bodywork


Kelly Amstadt is one of the most gifted, knowledgeable and amazing therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Her skill set is very broad and I greatly appreciate the opportunity of regularly benefiting from the multiple modalities she has to offer. You can easily notice that bodywork is her true passion. Her approach is very creative, intuitive and effective. In addition to it, she has an incredible personality - always very committed, compassionate and nurturing. You can’t really ask for more! I’m really grateful to Kelly for the exceptional quality of her work, her dedication, flexibility and care. I highly recommend her bodywork and would encourage anyone to see her.

Margaret K.


Kelly is a gifted and knowledgeable practitioner who has made it her life's work to understand the body, find and learn different modalities that help her clients to her best ability.  Originally, I sought out Kelly to go through the Rolfing 10 series again. That was four years ago. Kelly is a Certified Rolfer and is very gifted.  If you haven't done a Rolfing Series, I highly recommend talking with Kelly.  Kelly also offers Cranial Sacral work, Thai Massage, and other fun gems including classic massage that can expand your experience so do call her! She is AMAZING!

Rebecca J., Los Gatos


I am a bodyworker myself--and quite picky about who works with me. So for me, it's crucial that I work with someone who 1) knows her stuff, 2) is present and "shows up", 3) is intuitive, 4) is sensitive to my needs without imposing her own agenda on my system, and 5) LISTENS! Kelly effortlessly combines all these qualities together; she's a phenomenal healer. Many therapists have a menu of services they use to help people, and it can feel rather chock-a-block when they attempt to "bring it all together." Kelly is different--very fluid, without any pretense; she brings so much experience and technique to the table, but I never get the feeling that it's a bunch of techniques. She just works with me, and I feel relaxed and healed after our sessions. She works very deeply, but she's so gentle at the same time.

I moved up to the North Bay, so I can no longer see Kelly for treatments. I haven't been able to find anyone who can do what she does since. And I feel it. 

If you want good work, see Kelly. If you want to relax, see Kelly. If you want to feel taken care of, see Kelly. Seriously.

Brian L., Sebastapol


We've been enjoying Kelly's therapeutic massage - her knowledge, strength, and care - for over a year.  We recommend her to everyone who asks for a "good one" - and in fact just recommended her to a close friend last night. She's very good!

Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD      


Kelly is one of the best bodyworkers I've ever had the opportunity to meet with.  She's strong, powerful, smart, and gentle. I took her structural integration series and I can now stand straighter and with stronger posture. My hips feel more solid, my shoulders can go where they're supposed to go, and overall I feel more grounded and energetic.

Kelly works deeply yet gently, and she released tension from areas I've never had worked on before. She brings a wealth of modalities and strengths to her work, which all work so well together and she uses the approach that works best in the moment. I always felt safe, accepted, respected, and nurtured.

Also, by having Kelly access such deep tension in the body and letting it go, I was able to let go of the emotions and stress that caused the tension in the first place. Kelly provides bodywork that heals on multiple levels and really opens up the body to possibilities.

It's as if I were an old jar of play-doh that had gotten crusty and hard, and she worked on me so that I'm now supple, strong, and relaxed.

Kimberly H., San Jose


I have been seeing Kelly regularly for about two years. She works very intuitively and effectively with a degree of joy in her work that one rarely sees. She has kept my body in great shape for many a marathon and ultra run. She has worked with my breathing difficulties and reduced my levels of stress. I highly recommend her work!

Janet D., San Jose


Kelly Amstadt's most unique ability as a bodyworker is the broad range of skills that she has! Always looking to learn how to help her clients more, she has studied and practiced numerous techniques so she can always discern what will best help the problem of any client. She has a real sixth sense with this, wonderful hands and deep empathy.

Lee W., San Jose


I have been a client of Kelly Amstadt’s for 3 years, and would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions about her.  First a little about me and what she has helped me though with her healing massage.   I was injured after a treadmill accident and after a surgery to correct the damage I suffered from frozen shoulder, which was accompanied by very poor circulation. Prior to my recovery process, I saw a multitude of professionals including physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists, but above all Kelly is the very best holistic professional that I have ever encountered.  Kelly through her intuitive massage and her knowledge of the body, has been able to give me almost full range of motion in my shoulder and has truly helped with my body's overall circulation.   Kelly has the most gentle, intuitive healing touch, and is a true master at the art of massage.  She is kind, caring, and respectful of her clients; she always keeps her focus on healing you!  She continually updates her skills, which facilitates her abilities and only leads to positive outcomes for her clients.  I am proud to be a client and a true proponent of her work. If I can do one thing for you, it would be to encourage you to get a massage by Kelly, you won't be disappointed!  

Annie M., San Jose